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Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety

Tips for installing your car seat safely:

  • Rear-facing until your baby is 1 year old and 20 pounds.
  • Center of back seat of the car is the safest position.
  • Never place a car seat in front of an air bag.
  • Install at a 45 degree angle. Check car seat manual.
  • Handle should be down and locked when traveling.
  • Care seat should move no more than 1 inch in either direction at belt path.
  • It is unsafe to use products such as fleece inserts, headrests, attachable toys, belt tighteners that were not installed by the manufacturer.

Having a car seat installed safely in your vehicle(s) before the baby is ready to come home is important. Install the seats a few weeks before your expected due date. Visit www.seatcheck.org to find tips for selecting your car seat, proper installation, and where to get the installed car seat inspected.