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Travel During Pregnancy

Posted on September 8, 2016

It is generally safe to travel during pregnancy, as long as there is nothing complicating your pregnancy. The best time to travel is typically between 14 and 28 weeks as most problems tend to happen early or late in pregnancy. After 34 to 36 weeks, it is more sensible to stay close to home unless there are justifying circumstances. Ask your healthcare provider about travel to foreign countries and or travel in the late third trimester. There are some things you can consider that could make your travel safer and more comfortable:

  • Wear your seat belt every time you ride in a car. Position the lap belt under your stomach and the shoulder belt between your breasts.
  • Keep air bags turned on.
  • If you are riding a bus or train, remain seated while the bus is moving.
  • You have a higher risk for blood clots while pregnant. This means it is important not to stay motionless too long. Take rest stops at least every 2 hours to walk and stretch. If you are flying, do leg exercises while seated to get your blood circulating, stay well hydrated, and wear compression stockings.

Take a copy of your prenatal records with you.